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Desco Mfg., Inc. specializes in hydraulic spray equipment.  The company was started as Jevco back in the 70's.   At that time they manufactured drywall, pool coating, fire proofing, and roof coating equipment.  Also, they manufactured electric drywall equipment for the manufactured housing industry.  In the mid 80's the seal-coat machines were developed and manufactured and then in the 90's Desco fabricated the D200 Distributor that sprays rejuvenate material.  This rejuvenator revives aging pavement economically which extends the pavement life.  The rejuvenate may extend the life of an asphalt pavement for several years beyond the point where rehabilitation, or major reconstruction would normally be required; thus significantly decreasing the pavements annual maintenance costs.  We also make a customized trailer for our D200 Distributor.  The trailer idea expanded into us building utility trailers, mostly for the lawn maintenance customers to haul their equipment.

In addition to the hydraulic machines Desco has manufactured a diaphragm seal-coat machine.  This satisfies someone who is experienced with diaphragm and not with hydraulics. 

Our fun item is the crab-claw cracker that came about as a result of our location next to the Gulf of Mexico.  Crab fishermen sell their claws to the local restaurants and the chefs use our claw cracker which is easier to use than a hammer and doesn't make nearly the mess.

Our experienced fabricators, machinists, and welders completely manufacture the machines in our factory which  has been located here in Sarasota, Florida since it's inception.  We have a machine shop where we can manufacture the components of our machines for initial builds or repairs. 

Unlike many companies today we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, you will never have to hit 0 to speak to a technician.  Just give us a call to inquire about new equipment or to ask a question about your machine.  It's our pleasure to serve you.