For the contractor that needs to run two pumps at the same time with a large capacity.
This is our largest trailer mount, which is built on an extra heavy-duty trailer.  Standard features include the 500-gallon stainless steel variable speed split (2/3 & 1/3) mixing tank, tandem 7000 lb. axles, two hydraulic material piston pumps both with variable speed control, 2 and 3 pumps can both run at the same time, air over hydraulic control for turning pumps on and off, two sets of hoses, and two texture guns, a 30 H.P. engine and a 40 C.F.M. compressor.
Capacity: 500 gal. Stainless Steel Split Tank
Pumps: 2 Hydraulic Piston Pump, 2" Stem & 3", (Run Simultaneously)
Engine: 30 H.P. Wisconsin
Compressor: 40 C.F.M.
Gun: Pole Gun & Binks 7D
Hose Set: Two Each: 150' - 3/4", 3/8", 1/4"
Hose Racks: Four
Approx. Weight: 4400 lbs.
Size: 86" W x 62" H x 14' L
Brakes: Electric, One Set
Hitch: 2 5/16" Ball and Adjustable Jack
Tires: 16"
Trailer: Tandem Axle
37 H.P. Wisconsin
35 H.P. Diesel