D600 SC
Pump:                   6" "Z" Series Pump
Engine:                18 H.P.
Hydraulic Pump: 10 GPM with Load Sense Control
Spray Wand:       6' Wand
Hose:                   75' Material Hose
Approx. Weight:  3200 lbs.
Size:                     6'9" W x 6'3" H x 14'6" L
Brakes                 Electric, One Set
Hitch:                    2 5/16" Ball
Tires:                    15" Wheels
Trailer:                  Tandem Axle

D700SC UP TO D1600SC
These skid mounted Models are available with 700, 1100 and 1600 gallon round material tanks.  All tanks have the forward and reversing, full sweeping rubber wipers.  The 700 gallon has an 18 HP engine and the 1100 and 1600 have 25 HP engines.
8 Spray Bar
Extra Hose
Tool Boxes
Custom Beds
D1100 SC
TOLL FREE:888-925-7029
This Seal Coating machine has rubber wipers on agitator blades with forward and reversing agitation.
The power pack system is mounted on a skid that can easily be bolted to a truck and is available in a number of layout configurations.  It is powered by a gasoline fueled, air-cooled 18 H.P. engine rated at 3600 R.P.M.  The system includes a 1 gallon surge chamber on material pump discharge, a 2 NPT basket strainer on material pump inlet, and a directional and flow control circuit for driving a hydraulic agitator motor.
8" Pump
Operator Seat
Ramp on Back
8' Mechanical Spray Bar
Extra Hose
Large Deck
Water System
Pump:                   6"Stainless Steel Pump
Hydraulic Pump:    10 GPM with Load Sense Control
Spray Wand:         6' Wand
Hose:                    75' Material Hose
Suction Hose:        15' of 2" Hose
Gas Tank:              5.5 Gallon
Agitator Shaft:        2" to 2 1/2"
Step on Back of Truck
Divider in Material Tank
Water Tank
Pump:                       6" "Z" Series
Spray Wand:             6' Wand
Hose:                        75' - 3/4"
Hydraulic System:     Variable Volume Load Sense Hydraulic
                                System with 20 Gallon Reservoir
                                Delivering up to 14 GPM at 1500 PSI
Controls:                   Infinitely Adjustable Flow and Pressure
                                Controls on Material Pump Circuit
Hydraulic Pump:       10 GPM with Load Sense Control
Some seal coat companies prefer the diaphragm construction so we designed this machine. If you are used to spraying with a hydraulic pump machine we're sure you'll achieve the same smooth spray with this machine.
Pump:                   Rupp
Engine:                  14 HP Kohler
Hydraulic Pump:    6 GPM with Forward & Reverse Control
Spray Wand:         6'
Compressor:          Jenny
Hose:                    75' Material Hose
Suction Hose:        10' of 2" Hose
Agitator Shaft:        2"
Hose Reel:              Reel Craft
Strainer Basket:       3 Gallon

AlsoAvailable with an 8" Pump